Leon Lee

Financial Adviser's Representative

Leon Lee is a Fiancial Adviser Representative currently working under VI FIN. Before embarking on a career in finance planing and advisory, Leon spent 13 years as a private tutor where he noticed the lack of financial education in our education system. This observation ignited his passion to help people achieve financial success and live fulfilling lives through proper planning and support.


Leon’s mission as a financial adviser is to empower individuals to take control of their financial futures. He firmly believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve their financial dreams and goals, and he is dedicated to helping his clients do just that.


Leon specializes in two key areas of financial planning. Firstly, he has a strong focus on helping working adults protect their wealth through risk management tools. This involves customizing plans to ensure that unforeseen events do not vaporize their hard-earned money.


Secondly, Leon specializes in assisting working adults in building their million-dollar retirement fund through a Monthly Automatic Investment Plan(MAIP). He helps individuals develop an investment plan that fits their specific financial goals and circumstances.


As a financial adviser, Leon is committed to making the financial planning process as seamless as possible. He understands that financial planning can be daunting, but his goal is to help his clients feel comfortable and informed throughout the process.

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