Nicholas Chu

Executive Director

Nicholas Chu is a Financial Planning Practitioner and Adviser who obtained his Financial Planner Representative License from Securities Commission and Financial Adviser License from Bank Negara Malaysia both under Phillip Wealth Planner Sdn Bhd. He is also a CFP, IFP Certified member with 6 years of experience serving as a dedicated Board Member of FPAM (Financial Planning Association of Malaysia).


Under Chu’s great leadership skills, Max Wealth Education is now one of the biggest CFP education provider in Malaysia serving over 800 students.


He has written a total of 6 financial planning books. The titles are “Learning Financial Planning –The Fundamental” , “Retirement Chips” , “Big Life Financial Management” , “SME Business Financial Planning”, “How to train your kid Financial literacy” and “Matrixology of Money”. He also emerged as one of the top 10 best seller book author in Popular.


With his vast experience in financial planning, Nicholas was appointed as a columnist in the financial section of Nan Yang Siang Pau, China Press and SinChew Jit Poh newspapers, Money Compass, Feminine and Branding & Franchise.

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