Choon Yee Sheng

Financial Adviser's Representative

Yee Sheng is a dedicated Financial Adviser’s Representative with over a decade of investment experience, passionate about helping individuals achieve their financial goals through investment planning. With a background in engineering, he brings a unique analytical perspective to investment planning and excels at identifying exceptional investment strategies to help individuals maximize their savings.


Yee Sheng’s journey began as a full-time trainer at VI College, where he discovered his passion for Value Investing and became a prominent advocate within the community. He consistently seeks to expand his knowledge of investment and financial management practices and shares these insights with his community to accelerate their learning curve. His commitment to education and sharing knowledge has earned him a reputation as a true professional in his field.


As a Financial Adviser’s Representative, Yee Sheng is committed to promoting proper financial management and Value Investing knowledge to the public. He strongly believes that anyone can achieve financial freedom through proper planning and is dedicated to helping individuals reach their financial aspirations, regardless of their background. Yee Sheng is passionate about his work and is devoted to empowering individuals to achieve their financial dreams.

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