Yvonne Chong

Head of Business Operations

Financial Adviser's representative

Yvonne, the Head of Business Operations at VI FIN, has a diverse background, having worked as a marketing and administration executive in several corporate companies across Singapore and Malaysia before venturing into the financial world.


However, her true calling came in 2017 when she became a financial adviser’s representative.


Yvonne’s decision to enter the financial industry stemmed from her desire to manage her family’s wealth effectively, which has remained her top priority.


As a firm believer in the importance of financial planning for a secure and stable future, Yvonne takes an active interest in educating children and youth on developing sound money habits from an early age. She strongly believes that early exposure to financial education can set the stage for long-term financial success.


Yvonne is passionate about her work, and her favourite quote reflects her dedication to her goals: “A dream to work with passion; a goal to move forward the dream.”

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